At Dreams and Visions Photography, we're thrilled to have you here and appreciate your interest in our services. To better understand how we operate and have clear expectations, please take a moment to review our business policies. They contain important information about our terms, procedures, and your rights as a client.

  • Scroll down this page for prices and other services I offer.


Mini Session

30–45 minutes
1 outfit
This is just a quick taste of what i do
3 digital images


Full Session

1-hour session.
2 outfits changes
5 digital images
a social media reel/video
Files in a flash drive


Full Session

2 hours
- Unlimited Outfit Changes
- 10 digital Images
- A social media reel/video
- Files in a flash drive



3 digital images
Studio/on location


Monthly Package

- Weekly shoot
- Unlimited outfit changes
- 5 digital images every week
- Social media Reels

$ 500 / month

Branding Session

Take your personal brand to the professional level.

- 1 to 2 hours in studio/your workplace
- Full body portraits + Headshots
- Brand images (workplace & products)
- 20 images + a reel/video in a flash drive


Product photography

- 3 images
- Editing include artwork


  • We have a referral program where you can get a discount each time you refer a friend. When your referral turns into an actual booking, you receive a 20% discount on any of our photography sessions.
  • If you have a different photography project in your mind, feel free to contact me. I don't just stick to the services & packages I listed, we are always open to different ideas.
  • all the images you will get will be edited. I strive to make all the editing as natural as possible (see the policy section for what editing includes).
  • Additional images are $15 each. Additional image means any extra image you want to add to the given packages.
  • The limit of group sessions is 5 people, Extra people - $20 per person.
  • Speedy edits $50 (48hrs) - $100 (24hrs)
  • Additional images, collages, and Facebook profile/cover templates are available at a small fee.

✰ other services ✰

Paid Partnership

This is when your business wants to partner with Dreams and visions Photography for advertising purposes.

You will be charged, and I will take photos of your products/services to make them well presentable to the targeted audience, even using my models if necessary.

As a paid partnership, I will make sure that you have good exposure by tagging you on my business social sites and paying for Facebook ads that can help to reach thousands of people.

This can be done weekly or monthly, depending on your budget.


Collaboration in business is when individuals or businesses are working together to achieve common goals or objectives. This means that we will pool our skills, knowledge, resources, and efforts to complete projects more effectively and efficiently.

Key aspects of our collaboration will include:

Shared Goals:

- There has to be a common purpose or objective that we will be working towards and shared tasks to ensure that everyone is working to achieve the same goal with interdependence, where the success of one individual relies on the contributions of the other.

Resource Sharing :

- Our collaboration can involve sharing resources such as manpower, technology, or financial resources with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability for the outcomes of the collaboration.

Problem Solving:

- We may come together to address complex problems or challenges that require diverse perspectives.

Measurable Results:

- Successful collaboration should yield measurable results that contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

I am explaining all this for you to understand that collaboration is a mutual benefit not just using someone for free work.. I don't think some people understand this.

Feed Advertising

This is when I make content [pictures and Reels/videos] of your products/services for marketing.

I will use the content on my pages on both Facebook and Instagram to let people know about your business.

Unlike a paid partnership, feed advertising can be done one time or once in a while.

“Photography is a love affair with life”