A headshot is a professionally photographed portrait of a person’s face.

Headshots are sharply focused, well-lighted, and include only one person, usually from the shoulders up.


A quality headshot demonstrates your professionalism. A photo speaks volumes. If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional.

A great photo of you can really convey your professionalism to potential employers and clients alike. Show them you mean business.


A quality headshot (that’s current) lets people see what you look like. Keeping your professional headshot up to date is important when you do have business meetings. When someone has seen an old image of you, they can be taken off guard upon actually meeting you in person. This can create a disconnect– even if subconsciously– and even send a message of inauthenticity.

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As important as a professional headshot is to land a job, many adults still rely on the poor-quality cell phone photos they ask their friends to take. You’ll make recruiters, potential employers, and important contacts take a closer look if you’re sharing a photo that’s high-res and visually pleasing.

You can use headshots for professional profile images on social media, images used on online dating profiles, the 'about us page' of a corporate website, and promotional pictures, models, and authors.